Ecstatic with My Weight Loss Outcome

I am happy to say I have dropped 100 lbs. on Luisa’s six month program.  She has given me my life back.  Luisa is an exceptional coach, hypnotist and nutritionist guiding me every step of the way toward my success.  My relationship with food has changed for the better that I now crave healthy, life giving foods.  I no longer overeat for emotional reasons. It was easy to decrease the amount of carbohydrates in the form of breads and pasta as well as the excess amounts of cheese I had eaten in the past.

I now look forward to creating healthy wholesome meals and inviting family and friends over to enjoy social gatherings.  They too are impressed with the changes I have made and are enjoying the healthier meals I prepare.  As a result of changing my perceptions about food, my health has improved dramatically as I have more energy and can breathe easier.  My blood sugar and cholesterol levels have also improved.  Prior to Luisa’s program I hadn’t done any exercise. Now I find myself more motivated to exercise. I still have more weight to release but feel confident I can accomplish my goal.

Karen B, Teacher

Hypnosis helped me to Lose Weight & Regain My Self-Respect

I have been working with Luisa in her 6 month Program.  During this time I have lost 43 pounds with hypnosis and the proper eating habits she has taught me. My health has improved, my blood pressure is lower, my energy level is higher, and I feel better about myself. Her knowledge and professionalism is un-paralleled. She is prepared for every session and each session is both different and interesting. They hypnosis sessions are relaxing as are the CD’s that she provides after each session. She has helped me gain control over my eating habits and regain my self-respect. For this I thank her. I highly recommend her and her program.

Victor T., Retired

Hypnosis helped me Change my Perceptions about Food

My sessions have helped me lose 15 pounds, without “dieting”. I learned how to make better food choices and better eating habits that are specific to me and my metabolism and my lifestyle. I look at food differently.  I want to eat what is good for me, and make good choices. Luisa was professional and her nutritional knowledge was very helpful.

Michele W., Administrative Assistant

Hypnosis Was Life Changing For Me

I lost 45 lbs. in 4 months with Luisa’s Program. I didn’t realize the impact this program would have on my life.   In the beginning I was skeptical as I have been on diets in the past just to gain it back again.  My thoughts were “it will be like all the other diets I have been on.  I’ll get all hyped up thinking this is a new thing I’m on now.”  In the past I craved lots of carbohydrates in the form of breads and pastas.  But now I have control over these foods.  There is absolutely nothing in me that says “poor me I can’t have breads or pasta.”  What has changed is that I don’t focus on what foods I can’t or shouldn’t have.  Instead I focus on recipes that create delicious foods with lots of vegetables and healthy meals.  That is what I crave now and I never used to be that way.

When I would be shopping at the grocery store, I would long for those specific foods.  I no longer crave them.  Someone said to me “Oh you are just on a diet.”  I said no “I’m on a healthy lifestyle eating program”.  As a side benefit my blood levels are all now within the normal range all due to changing my perceptions about food.  I have more weight to release but am okay with it coming off gradually.  Before, if it didn’t come off in a month, my thoughts were, ”why should I even bother.”  I now feel positive and proud of myself for having control over my eating habits.  It’s been life changing for me.

Lynne R., Teacher

My Hypnosis Experience Was Awesome

I dropped 35 lbs. in 8 weeks and I couldn’t be happier.  In the past I couldn’t get motivated.  I had good intensions, but by the end of the day I would be right back where I started.  Luisa’s program assisted me in achieving a positive attitude and mind set.  As a side benefit, it helped me relax which is huge for me because I’m a stressed person.  After my first session, I noticed I was more motivated to stay on a healthy routine of eating better, drinking more water and exercising.  The weight just started melting off and I began to have a more positive outlook and greater self-esteem.  I still have more weight to release but feel confident that I will succeed as I now have the tools to do so.  It’s been an awesome and wonderful experience.

Beverly P.

How Hypnosis Helped me Change my Mind set about Food

Luisa’s weight loss program helped me drop 25 lbs. over a 3 month period.  The techniques she uses helped me change my mind set on how I viewed food as well as releasing emotional eating concerns.  I knew how to diet, but there were pieces missing.  The personalized coaching sessions and support CDs that I listened to nightly helped me change my perceptions about food.  As an added bonus I found myself sleeping better at night and awakening more refreshed.  I no longer had ruminating thoughts at nighttime that used to keep me awake.  Instead I focused on more positive thoughts of relaxing and healing my body while focusing on gravitating toward wholesome, nutrient rich foods.  I no longer crave the unhealthy foods that created weight gain.  I am so thankful for my new positive thoughts and relationship with food.

Diane M., Caregiver                

Pleased with Hypnosis & Weight Loss

After only 6 weeks I dropped a total of 35 lbs.  Hypnosis gave me more confidence and determination to achieve my weight reduction goals, to improve my health, and looking at life with a more positive aspects.  I am so pleased with my results.  I highly recommend Luisa’s program.

Jacob C., Retire Military

I Can’t Thank Her Enough

I came to Luisa to help me with weight loss. I’m a 59 year old male who had tried just about everything to lose weight – including many popular weight loss options.  Having had no success, I decided I needed something different.  First and foremost, I knew I needed a nutritional plan. At the same time, my wife suggested hypnosis.  So, I did a Google search and Luisa’s name came up as she met both my needs.

Our first meeting set the stage as my dietary habits and weaknesses were explored.  Based on that, I got a nutritional consultation that I follow to this day, knowing that this is the foundation of my weight loss program. But I have to say it was the hypnosis that really did the trick for me.  Through that process, I have avoided my weakness – salty snacks like nachos and pretzels – as if they were the plague.  I don’t miss them either! I’ve eliminated diet soda, eating after 8 PM.  I’ve incorporated drinking of water and daily exercise.

I have learned how to relax – and I could not be happier.  In the five months since I have first seen Luisa – I have lost 41 pounds.  I’m about half way to my goal and I am confident that I can do it thanks to the hypnosis and the visualization Luisa uses to help avoid poor eating and at the same time promoting positive self-image.   As an added benefit, Luisa has helped me deal with some lifelong issues that had been affecting my self-confidence and self-image.  I can’t thank her enough for this positive experience that combined hypnosis, nutritional support, and mental wellness.

Ed S., Pharmacist

Hypnosis Has Given Me Greater Control

In the past I tried several diet programs and was temporarily successful, but would always fall back and regain the weight all over again.  It always felt like someone else was in control of me and that I didn’t have control over food or the emotions that went along with it.

As a result of Luisa’s Program I have dropped 12 lbs. in just 4 weeks.  I feel I have more control now over everything in my life – my food intake, the cravings, and putting food in the right perspective while establishing a new relationship with food.  I no longer sabotage or criticize myself and feel better about me.

I have more energy, am sharper in my thinking, and have more control as to how I approach and think about food.  I have made it a priority in my life.  If I splurge a little, I can easily get back on track without devastating results or feeling epically failed, so much so, that I give up.  I continuously listen to the visualization CDs for positive reinforcement; and as an added benefit, I find my sleep patterns have improved.  Luisa’s program is truly amazing.

Sally C., Administrator

Hypnosis Helps You Gain Control

Luisa’s program has helped me gain greater self-confidence, to eat healthier, release cravings and have greater control over my eating habits.  As a result I have dropped 10 lbs. through hypnosis.  I enjoy hypnosis as I always feel much more relaxed after a session.

Maureen M.

I Easily Released Unwanted Weight

In just three short weeks with Luisa’s program I released 8 lbs.  I used to eat in my car and overindulge and crave sweets, now I have better control.  It’s easier now because I no longer have the bad habits I used to have.

Julie R., Teacher

It was Easy to Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

I found it challenging to quit smoking on my own even though I really wanted to.  I was amazed after only one session of hypnosis, how easy it was to quit.  I no longer desire to smoke.  It’s been six months since I had my last cigarette.

Jennifer D.

I Stopped Smoking Immediately

I stopped smoking after my first session with no cravings or withdrawal symptoms.  The positive reinforcement CD echoed in my mind that “I am a non-smoker and will remain a non-smoker” reinforcing my positive outcome.  I highly recommend hypnosis.

Beth M.

I Stopped Smoking Cigars with Ease

I stopped smoking cigars with Luisa’s hypnosis program.  It was such a comfortable transition without the stress or drama of the thoughts of wanting or got to have a cigar.  It takes that part out of the equation.  You are more at ease about making the decision not to smoke anymore because hypnosis trains you to relax your mind.  As a result you feel more comfortable and conscious of your choice not to smoke.  It’s very effective with no irritability or withdrawal symptoms.

Chuck, Administrator

Skeptical about Quitting Smoking with Hypnosis

I stopped smoking in one session. I was skeptical whether hypnosis would work; but Luisa convinced me to relax and keep an open mind about it. Well, here we are, accomplishing something that I have been attempting for 20 years. Thank you for your help and support and I encourage others to give it a try.

Mark S., Construction Worker

Success Depends Upon Being Counseled by an Expert

Initially, I sought out the assistance of Luisa in order to deal with my insomnia. I had been taking a new generic sleep medication which induced violent hallucinations. After discontinuing the medication, I experienced terrible difficulty sleeping.

Luisa helped me to deal with the fact that not only was I suffering from insomnia, but also from issues with over-eating and anger. She introduced me to EFT, a tool to reduce the fears and anxiety and also a hypnosis tape to listen to daily to control my eating. I have already begun losing weight.

This has been a very positive experience.  How wonderful it is to feel that I am finally beginning to tackle my issues and start to help myself heal. Thank you Luisa for enabling me to develop the skills required to initiate positive change in my life.

Lucy W., Retired Hospice Nurse

Hypnosis Lowered My Stress Levels

Luisa is a gifted and dedicated healer who helped me to work through long standing limiting beliefs in just a few sessions.  She applied her caring listening skills well in our hypnotherapy sessions and her suggestions motivated me to take action where nothing else worked for me.  As a result my stress levels are much lower, I’ve been able to stay with my diet and exercise program, and my health has improved dramatically.  Luisa is the real deal.  I would not hesitate to recommend her services.

Christine K.

Freedom from Stress

After only three sessions of hypnosis, I found myself free from of the stress that was holding me back in my life.  I have finally released those issues.  As a result I felt hypnosis and the emotional freedom technique was a positive experience for me.  I highly recommend it.

Erica R., Teacher

Hypnosis Helped Me Move Forward

I decided to try hypnosis because I felt stuck and conflicted in my life.  I tried many things only to become disappointed, frustrated and unsuccessful.  Luisa’s hypnosis process allowed me to release events in my life that created blocks on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. I felt significant changes after each session. As a result I felt lighter, renewed and confident to move forward in my life.  Luisa is a TRUE professional providing a safe and nurturing environment.  She has changed my life and I highly recommend her services.

Angela S., Holistic Practitioner

An Integrative Approach helped me

I have had the opportunity to have several appointments with Luisa Bruzga at WNY Integrative Hypnosis and Wellness. She is thorough, professional, and approaches each treatment with much detail and often several healing modalities. She is well trained and has spent many years learning her craft, pursuing in-depth knowledge and expertise. I have been very pleased with her treatments and highly recommend them. Check her website out for the full range of services offered. Her CD’s are also very good and are helpful.

Diane F., Administrator


I cannot begin to express to you how much your Reiki 1 practitioner class has changed my life. For the past two years, I have had constant knee pain due to osteoarthritis and a dislocated knee cap.  It has been a debilitating pain that I have struggled with and have had to just push through with Tylenol and rest. Because of this pain, I had stopped many of the daily living activities that I once enjoyed.  I couldn’t even take my dogs for walks.  After being worked on by two of your Reiki students, my pain lessened by at least fifty percent that day.  I was exhausted when I got home, and went to bed shortly after.  The next morning, to my surprise, I felt even better than I did the day before.  I performed the self Reiki and the pain was gone. Even my hip pain had subsided.  I was thrilled and elated.  I continued to perform the self-Reiki and had missed a day…boy I could sure feel it the next day.  Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful form of self-healing and growth.  I cannot begin to thank you enough.


Amy Pinker, MARCH 20, 2017

I’ve been a client of Luisa Bruzga’s over the course of 20 years and have been very happy, and impressed, with her level of expertise, integrity and professionalism. The Nutrition, Iridology, Reflexology, Reiki, Facials, and Ionic Foot Baths were all excellent, as are her Self-Hypnosis CD’s ~ very effective, relaxing and healing. Highly recommended for anyone who seeks a balanced approach, dealing with individual areas where wellness is desired and needed.

Diane Fieblekorn, 9-2-13

Hypnosis Makes It Easy

I began smoking at age at age 18 and smoked a pack a day. In a time span of 19 years, I attempted to quit on many occasions. But each time I quit, I would become very anxious and stressed that I resumed smoking again. In October 2003 I sought help through hypnosis and this time I was successful. I am amazed at how easy it was. I had no cravings or withdrawal symptoms and was free of irritability and nervousness. I actually felt calm and peaceful for days after the session. My husband even commented on my calm disposition. In addition, I followed up with a weight loss session and dropped eight pounds. I would highly recommend hypnosis. It worked for me and I am so thankful I am free of that old habit.

Belinda S, Accountant

How I Stopped Smoking with Hypnosis

I started smoking in my teens and before I knew it smoking was a habit of my adult life. Knowing the physical damage caused by smoking and irreversible premature aging, I still had difficulty quitting. Ironically one of my main concerns was gaining weight. I’d work out at the gym but smoked after a healthy meal. The social isolation of a smoker and guilt of not allowing myself to be completely in control of my health had little impact of letting go of the familiar pattern of smoking. I had a strong desire to smoke and no gum, patch or pill was going to stop that. I sought hypnosis. I realized that the habit was one I created in my mind; therefore, I needed to change that perspective. Luisa assured me that I would no longer have cravings and would be able to manage my weight. And she was right. In fact, I have lost weight and I’m more fit and toned than ever. For 18 years I allowed the habit of smoking to control my lifestyle, from now on, I’m in charge. I highly recommend hypnosis. Quitting smoking with hypnosis was the best and healthiest decision I’ve made.
Denise S., Teacher

Hypnosis is a Positive Experience

I kicked a 30-year smoking habit. Hypnosis gave me the inner strength to quit and stay smoke free. As a result of hypnosis, I am now in control rather than cigarettes controlling me. As an added bonus, I did not find myself craving particular foods that can create weight gain nor did I experience the usual withdrawal symptoms as when I tried to quit on my own. I feel proud of myself for having the courage to say NO to cigarettes. I would highly recommend hypnosis to others. It is a very positive and powerful experience and I am extremely satisfied with my results.
Jackie B., Bookkeeper

Hypnosis is truly Amazing!

I decided to try hypnosis to quit smoking because it worked for others. I had tried gums, patches, and willpower; however was unsuccessful each time. Hypnosis was the extra motivation I needed to quit with no withdrawals, urges, or cravings. If I had known it was this easy, I would have stopped smoking with hypnosis years ago. It was truly amazing.
Richard C., III

Quitting Smoking was remarkably easy with Hypnosis

I was a 35-year smoker and had tried to quit in the past unsuccessfully. Hypnosis made it remarkably easy to be smoke free without deprivation, discomfort, withdrawal symptoms or weight gain. It was amazing to quit in one session. I highly recommend hypnosis to others.
Marilyn B.

Enthusiasm is the Best way to Describe My Experience

Enthusiasm is the best way to describe the way I felt after the initial session. The overall feeling of control that is a direct result from the session has enabled me to meet the challenges associated with weight loss, namely being able to stick to a nutritious daily meal plan and exercise program. Being able to make healthy food choices on a day to day basis has been a positive force in assisting me to achieve my weight loss goal. After only one session I dropped 10 pounds in a few weeks. The hypnosis had other unexpected benefits as well. Prior to hypnosis my sleeping patterns were very disruptive. As a result of the hypnosis session, my sound sleeping patterns re-established themselves and my energy levels increased. In addition, I experienced a more positive outlook on life. I highly recommend hypnosis to others, it worked wonders for me.
Joanne L., Registered Nurse

Hypnosis Helped Me Become Less Stressed & In Control of My Eating Behavior

After experiencing the positive effects from one session, I can say, “I’m in control” and am able to keep focused on achieving the goal I’ve set for myself of reducing weight by making sensible food choices and fitting exercising into my busy lifestyle. I no longer find myself stressed out over having to lose weight. I’m confident that I can achieve my weight loss goal with the help of this intervention.
Sharon B., Administrative Assistant

Truly a Wonderful Experience

Luisa is more than a Master Hypnotist. Her extensive nutrition background and positive reinforcements assisted me in dropping 25 pounds in 2 months. I am very grateful for her knowledge and expertise. As a result I feel wonderful and healthier than I have been in years.
Robert K, Maintenance Worker

Hypnosis Helped Me Tremendously

Luisa is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to healthy eating habits and hypnosis for behavioral change. As a result of the sessions and her motivational CD’s, I reduced 20 pounds in a short period of time and as an added benefit, I feel more relaxed and energetic than I have in years.
Miles J, Retired

I Made Positive Behavioral Changes

I worked with Luisa as a nutritionist who assisted me in providing a good foundation of what constitutes healthy eating habits. I had tried other diets but hadn’t reduced the weight I wanted.
Her positive reinforcement motivated me to focus on eating vegetables, fruits, complex grains and animal proteins along with a routine exercise program and portion control habits. Once I began to follow the program steps, I began to shed weight. I am happy to say I dropped 30 pounds over a several month period. As a result, I feel better about myself and my health has improved.
Jennifer B, Student

Hypnosis Empowered Me to Make Changes in my Eating Habit

I sought the help of hypnosis to help me reduce weight. Luisa makes an effort to educate her clients as she works with you. When I consciously understood what was going on with my subconscious, I was empowered to make the necessary changes in my eating habits. After the hypnosis session, I was instructed to listen to CDs prepared especially for my needs. Over a period of several weeks, I dropped 15 pounds.
I n conjunction with weight loss, hypnosis helped me to resolve deeply imbedded issues which were impacting my life on a daily basis. Once the issues were resolved, a whole new and refreshing world opened up for me, leaving behind the things that no longer were useful in my current life. What a wonderfully freeing experience. I am eternally grateful for her patience and sensitive heart.
Linda A. M, Erie, PA

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