Welcome to our Spa Services

We focus on incorporating total wellness of body, mind and spirit.

You will encounter countless services and benefits that will leave your mind, body and soul refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated.

Luisa Bruzga, a NYS Licensed Aesthetician, will be pleased to serve you concerning your personal care needs.

We offer various types of procedures to assist in improving one’s appearance ranging from facials, anti-aging treatments, body wraps and back treatments to body balancing services delivered in a serene and comfortable environment.

We blend benefits of Eastern practices whereby the energy of the body is balanced to promote well being along with Western practices to affect balance on a physical level.

Our focus is on the key principles of health, beauty and inner peace rejuvenating the body from the inside out.

Serving the Buffalo & Western New York area

Feel free to contact our office for an appointment at (716) 677 4679. Referrals may be required for medical or psychological conditions. Serving the Buffalo and Western New York area