Health & Nutrition

Have you been wanting to…

• Improve your eating habits
• Stop cravings and binges
• Improve personal relationships
• Experience increased energy and vitality
• Feel better in your body and achieve your ideal weight
• Have more confidence in choosing and preparing quality foods
• Experience an increase in joy and happiness in your life

…then this program is for you

As a graduate of nutrition studies, knowledge in a holistic approach to nutrition was obtained. The goal of holistic nutrition is to help you achieve and maintain dietary changes to promote healthier eating habits and to enhance the quality of your life.

Individualized Programs

As your nutritionist and health coach, I work together with you to assess current eating patterns and lifestyle choices. A comprehensive nutrition assessment along with a health and diet history will be discussed. As a result of this assessment, a plan tailored to you for the successful accomplishment of your goals will be developed and initiated. Whereby, we focus on practical strategies and tools to help promote your long term success.

We work together on setting goals to:

  • Achieve the desired dietary changes and weight management objectives
  • Improve relationship with food, mind and body
  • Introduce and explore healthy nutritious foods
  • Improve sleep and energy levels, to name a few…

Group Programs

Group health and nutrition lectures available for corporations, small groups of friends, and women’s groups.

Choose from a variety of classes:

  • 12-Step Weight Management Program
  • Optimizing Your Energy Levels through Foods
  • The Food Mood-Connection
  • Deconstructing Sugar Cravings
  • Gluten Free Lifestyle
  • Also available are tailored programs to meet your needs

Serving the Buffalo & Western New York area

Feel free to contact our office for an appointment at (716) 677 4679. Referrals may be required for medical or psychological conditions. Serving the Buffalo and Western New York area